Job Summary

Read engineering drawings, use measuring instruments, set up machines and operate on it to produce quality parts and meet production schedule as per job requirements. Ensure compliance to QHSE Policies and Procedures at all times.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Work closely with the Production Supervisor and all departments in manufacturing and servicing.
  • Interpret process routing, engineering drawing and other requirements and carry out every machining process with care and within specified hours accordingly.
  • Ensure process routing and related production records are duly filled up, signed and scan in and out accordingly.
  • Ensure that the machine is warmed up and set up effectively before any operations.
  • Ensure that daily maintenance are carried out as per check list on machineries.
  • Ensure that the work place is clean and disposal of metal chips whenever necessary and by the end of the day or before shift change.
  • Perform material handling safely whenever necessary.
  • Constantly update the Production Supervisor and Production Manager on the job status and any non-conformances.
  • Support the Production Supervisor to generate CNC program whenever necessary.
  • Take care of all issued tooling accessories, inserts and items.
  • Understand and be aware of the impact of each activity to the company, its environment and minimize any detrimental results.
  • Follow safe work practices and procedures.
  • Ensure company and QHSE policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Participate/ attend all functions, activities and meeting organized by the company.
  • Perform other assignment and duties as and when required.


  • Ensure on time delivery of finished product.
  • Minimize rework and rejection rate.
  • Work with the team to achieve QHSE objectives.
  • Maintain good housekeeping at all times.
  • Report all unsafe acts, infrastructure and environment to his Supervisor and Manager.
  • Ensure all jobs are properly handed over during shift change.


  • NTC/ Nitec preferably in Mechanical Engineering discipline or equivalent.
  • Preferably 3 years of relevant experience in the metal machining or oil and gas industries.

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